Electropop | David Thompson: The Wall (Independent / 24 September 2020)

David Thompson: The Wall
(Independent / 24 September 2020)

The Wall is the second solo release from electropop composer and musician David Thompson. The music is infused with the flavour of classic 90s pop, but with a thoroughly modern gloss and technical superiority. 

David Thompson - the wall

He takes a multi-layered approach to composition. According to the media notes: The titular "wall" cribs a melody from Gershwin 🙄 and a keyboard part from the theme of Cheers, and builds its chorus around the final organ cadence of Herbert Howells' Anglican anthem "Like as the Hart."

Thompson has a nice flair for incorporating electronic sounds seamlessly into a track. The songs are full of changes that keep them interesting. this goon is atmospheric and moody, with a dark kind of groove. 

obsession is a standout track, with an irresistible kinetic energy that should fill the dance floor.

Packed with earworm hooks, the EP has a lot of replay value.

Personnel: Howe Pearson plays lead guitar on 'the wall' and 'clair', all other instruments by David Thompson.

1) time; 2) the wall; 3) this goon cant; 4) clair; 5) obsession