Jewellery With A Conscience: Kind Karma

Jewellery With A Conscience:
Kind Karma

Kind Karma blends timeless jewellery with a social conscience. Founded in Toronto in 2017, the company makes classic jewellery pieces using a unique business model - the artisans who produce the handmade pieces are at-risk and homeless youth. 

Kind Karma

"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur," explains founder Laurinda Lee-Retter. "I wanted to give back."

She combined her passions in Kind Karma. Laurinda serves as designer for the jewellery line, with pieces that are classic and minimalist, and that can be worn with anything. "I made jewellery as a hobby when I was young," she says. 

Kind Karma bracelets

The jewellery is then crafted by hand by the young artisans from sterling silver or gold fill, a durable construction that uses multiple layers of real gold over jeweller's brass. The result is much more resilient than gold plate. All the pieces are hypoallergenic, won't tarnish, and are designed to last for years of everyday wear. Some pieces also include semi-precious gemstones.

The artisans come from all over Toronto. "We work with shelters and organizations in the city," Laurinda explains. The organizations send qualified candidates to Kind Karma. At times, Kind Karma has also done its own outreach to find the artisans it employs. During the pandemic, projects and supplies are mailed to the artisans, who work at home.

Kind Karma

Why jewellery? It's a timeless and portable vocation that can be practised virtually anywhere in the world, giving the artisans specialized skills. 

"I also think it's really therapeutic," Laurinda says of the meticulous art.

While she's doing all the designing for now, she also acts on feedback from the artisans, and is open to the possibility of creating micro-collections for artisans who may want to get into the designing side in the future.