Ibrahim Mahama Receives 2020 Principal Prince Claus Award

From a media release:

Ibrahim Mahama Receives 2020 Principal Prince Claus Award

Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama has been announced as the Principal Prince Claus Laureate for 2020.

Ibrahima Mahama
Ibrahima Mahama (Photo credit: White Cube George Darrell)

Ibrahim Mahama is a visual artist who is actively involved in improving social conditions. His powerful artworks use provocative materials and sites to examine and expose histories, uphold the role of labour, challenge authorities and criticise mismanagement of resources. 

Directly addressing lack of opportunities and facilities in his home region, he has set up an open­ access cultural centre and other social projects providing employment, education, studio space and creative activities.

In the past, his work has use jute sacks, made in South East Asia, and endemic to the cocoa trade in West Africa. Another project saw several collaborators fashioning "shoemaker boxes" used by shoeshine operators in Accra and Kumasi. Made of wood, they double as drums to (literally) drum up business.