Indie Folk/Rock/Americana | Hadnot Creek: Hard World (Independent / December 4, 2020)

Indie Folk/Rock/Americana
Hadnot Creek: Hard World
(Independent / December 4, 2020)

Hadnot Creek offer the darker side of Americana and folk rock on Hard World, their latest release. Methadone Guy, the first track, is a case in point, with interesting patterns on the guitar and lyrics that blend poetry and tough street smarts. 

Jangly guitars and smashing drums add a punk sensibility to Liars in Love, a mood explored again in Toxic Wonder. Crawling Away, in contrast, offers a classic folk vibe, with raspy, expressive vocals above layers of acoustic guitar and rhythms.

Their approach is deceptive - the music seems to lead in one direction, but the lyrics offer a sly nod to somewhere else. Wedding Day is an upbeat slow country blues song with lyrics that ring true.

Oh what a mess,
Your sister threw up
On your wedding dress...

It's a sentimental story that includes doing lines in the bathroom and slogging cheap wine.

Hardknot Creek

Nowhere To Go is a melancholy meditation on days spent as a drunk getting kicked out of the bar on the reg, positing existential musings from the barstool. Minimalist accompaniment keeps the focus on the story. Museum Of Mess Up Stories is a standout track that combines a spoken word approach to vocals with a spooky electric guitar theme. 

Strong songwriting and performance elevate the release from the crowd of Americana/folk rock acts out there.

1. Robert Sawrey: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Omnichord 2. Zach Samel: Drums, Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar and Keyboards 3. Damir Kajan: Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar 4. Carter Litvinas: Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar 5. Lucy Haden Smith: Background Vocals

Tracklist: 1. Methadone Guy 2. Liars In Love 3. Crawling Away 4. Wedding Day 5. Leaving Spokane 6. Nowhere To Go 7. Toxic Wonder 8. Molly Was A Good Kisser 9. Museum of Messed Up Stories 10. Oh Silly Me 11. You Got Caught 12. The Day I Started Using Again