A Romantic Single: Optacure - Mingaw (Independent / 15 September 2020)

A Romantic Single:
Optacure - Mingaw
(Independent / 15 September 2020)

Written in both 5/4 and 6/4, indie singer-songwriter Optacure's Mingaw has a nice soft swing to it, if I can call it that, the rhythms overlapping in a hypnotic effect. The vocals are airy and ethereal, the harmonies sweet. It's an unabashedly romantic track.


Interestingly, the song was written, recorded, and produced in 3 different cities over 2 countries during the pandemic, primarily in the Sunshine Coast, Australia where Edmund resides. Debb was in Cebu City, Philippines to record vocals, while producer Emmanuel Aguila was located in Quezon City, Philippines.

Optacure is a fabricated word which means Optical Cure. It encompasses Edmund Gemelo Jr philosophy of presenting different perspectives to ponder on. According to his bio, "The vision for Optacure is to be a constant collaboration of artists organised by Edmund to further explore perspectives using different genres."

Edmund Gemelo Jr - Vocals and Guitar; Guest: Debbie Acebu - Vocals

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