New Music Video: Nonviolenze - Mirror (Independent/Ahimsa Creations LLC 18 January 2021)

New Music Video:
Nonviolenze - Mirror
(Independent/Ahimsa Creations LLC 18 January 2021)

Mirror is an atmospheric track with a new video from solo artist Nonviolenze. The moody song is lit up by vocal gymnastics, and at times reminds a little of classic Pink Floyd - all anguish and emotion.

Nonviolenze is a solo act - aka Shri Baratan, who has been a musician since his early teens, often combining his music and visual art. In his native India, he was lead vocalist with a pop band, and has worked in musical theatre. He's based on Houston, Texas these days.

The lyrics are best explained by the artist himself (in a media release):

"The Cosmos is a Mirror that reflects the body (gross matter), mind (thought vibrations) and feelings (radiation). You cannot hide from the Cosmic Mirror for it knows your innermost feelings. Everything you perceive is a reflection of you. That which you exhibit ricochets right back to you. Give love and get love. Display fear and it returns as vampires. The Mirror continuously assorts the field of feelings bringing like-characters together. The happy hang out with the happy. The Angry gather and resent together. What a wonder this Cosmic Mirror. What's inside's, Outside."

The single comes from his album Ghosts of War (October 2020), an eclectic collection of songs that cover the singer songwriter gamut from the classic acoustic guitar of the title track to Tree, a song that could come from musical theatre.

Nonviolenze's three-octave voice and its fluid elasticity is the focal point of the release, with a flair for drama and theatricality coming in second.

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