Nu Classic Rock: Elford, Davies and Baldini - The Real Story (Independent - 10 March 2021)

Nu Classic Rock:
Elford, Davies and Baldini - The Real Story
(Independent - 10 March 2021)

Classic rock from yesterday, the music of Elford, Davies and Baldini is rooted in the guitar-driven sounds of the 1970s.

End is Nigh offers up a combination of alt rock guitar and catchy rhythms, with poetic lyrics and a bit of a surf rock vibe. The mood turns to country rock with Sigh of Despair. Come Back Home is an anthemic love song.

While the trio has played together before, and had another release under their belt ("Land of the Living" as Keith Elford and the Weekend Kings), the flavour of the new music was different - hence the new name. Produced entirely remotely during the lockdown in their native South East UK, it nonetheless has an organic feel to it. 

In his other life, Elford is a vicar (along with management consultant and researcher). That's where WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) comes from.

"WWJD is about a few people I've known, because I'm a churchman and see a lot first hand.  But it turned from a riff and a series of jokey remarks into a serious song based on the victim in the story of the Good Samaritan," he notes in a media release.

Musically, it's solid driving Texas-style rock. 

Other songs tackle current events. "One of the things that most angered me about the Brexit process is the way that right wing nationalism claimed a monopoly on love of country.  This Fair Land is my riposte to that line and a plea for a patriotism built in the best in our past, not the worst."

The Real Story is a highlight of the release, a song with a real sense of presence and drama. Sinners and Saints is the first single.

Keith Elford lead vocals; Simon Davies guitars, bass, keys, backing vocals; Major Baldini drums, percussion, backing vocals with Annabelle Elford (backing vocals) on Come back Home and After the Flood; Christina al-Wakil (trumpet and backing vocals) on This Fair Land and (backing vocals) on The Real Story; Josie Simmons (saxes) on Take Back Control; And very special guest Doug Lipinski (guitar) on WWJD.

Tracklist: The End is Nigh, Cry of Despair, This Fair Land, Come Back Home, Sinners and Saints, Western Stretch, WWJD, An Hour Away, Take Back Control, The Real Story, After the Flood