Jazz Single | Aman Jagwani: Now (feat Anuhba Kaul) - Independent / 23 April 2021

Jazz Single:
Aman Jagwani - Now (feat Anuhba Kaul)
(Independent / 23 April 2021)

Now is the second single from the upcoming album This Place by electronic jazz fusion composer and producer Aman Jagwani. The single spotlights vocals by Anuhba Kaul and Ron Cha (a noted jazz pianist in India) and a guitar solo by Boston-based Pritesh Walia.

The mood is contemporary and innovative, with compelling rhythmic changes, and fluid vocals that stride above the kinetic percussion. The poetry of the words come alive in the twists and turns of the voices. About midway through, the track changes moods. Walia's compelling guitar solo is set against lush vocal harmonies and unpredictable percussion that keeps it interesting.

At 22, Aman Pankaj Jagwani is a composer, producer and educator from Mumbai, India who, as it says in his biography, "strives to create musical moments of seamless synergy between the audience, the artist and the world."

He's a performing veteran as both a bandleader and sideman, and took his first album on tour through India, Europe and the USA. He's also a sought out drummer in the Indian and Boston jazz scenes. 

In addition, since 2013, Aman has been associated with V Care Foundation, an Indian NGO that provides care and relief for cancer patients. He plays for and teaches children facing the disease at the Sant Gadge Dharamshala in Mumbai and regularly composes music for the foundation's promotional activities.

Written, composed & arranged by Aman Jagwani; Vocal Arrangment: Aman Jagwani and Anubha Kaul; Vocals: Anubha Kaul and Ron Cha; ynth/Keys: Jonathan Huber; Guitar: Pritesh Walia; Synth Bass: Aman Jagwani; Drums: Aman Jagwani

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