Nightwood Theatre presents a Live Encounter by UnSpun Theatre LOST TOGETHER May 25 - June 5, 2021

From a media release:

Nightwood Theatre presents a Live Encounter by UnSpun Theatre
May 25 - June 5, 2021

(Toronto)—Nightwood is pleased to present UnSpun Theatre’s Lost Together, conceived by Shira Leuchter and created and realized by Shira Leuchter and Michaela Washburn, from May 25th to June 5th, 2021. In this micro-multi-disciplinary art piece, audience members enter a digital space one at a time to share a story about something they’ve lost. 

Unspun Theatre - Lost Together
Shira Leuchter and Michaela Washburn by Shira Leuchter

Once shared, Michaela and Shira build and present a small object that encapsulates their guest’s story, which is added to an ever-evolving exhibition, reminding us that loss doesn’t have to be a solitary reckoning. Called an “intimate and unforgettable piece of live art” by NOW Magazine, this winner of the 2018 SummerWorks Performance Festival Production Prize brings humanity, artistry and heart to a moment well acquainted with loss.

The co-creators share, “Lost Together was born out of a desire to offer audiences a gift in a time of political and cultural violence and upheaval. We feel privileged to meet every one of our participants, and lucky that they've trusted us to embark on a micro-adventure with them. The encounter we share is an act of witnessing, companioning and finding community in loss and grief. After this year of radical isolation, we are putting forward a gentle reminder that we are interconnected, we need each other, and we don't have to navigate our griefs alone. Lost Together is a chance to practice collaboration and care.” 

Artistic Director Andrea Donaldson offered, “there are no two artists more equipped to hold this space more tenderly. In a time stained with so much distress, Nightwood is honoured to host these exquisite encounters full of love, connection, and that will offer a positive memory during this time.”

  • Tickets range from PWYC, $25, $50.
  • Due to the nature of this piece, there are only 60 tickets available and time slots must be booked in advance. Please note that there are no ticket exchanges or returns.