Singer-Songwriter | Will Jackson: Songs From the Briarpatch LP (Independent / 17 December 2020)

Will Jackson: Songs From the Briarpatch LP
(Independent / 17 December 2020)

Singer, songwriter and musician Will Jackson's Songs From the Briarpatch offers up Americana with a 21st century sensibility, and in a range of modes.

Will Jackson - Songs From The Briarpatch

Acoustic guitar and the swell of an organ create a bright, full sound underneath Will Jackson's likeable tenor on Looks Like Today. Vocal harmonies flesh out the chorus, with a rhythmic drive that's infectious.

His lyrics talk about everyday pleasures, life and love, and he's got a knack for creating earworm melodies in a range of genres. Good Enough is blues flavoured, with a strong piano part and bouncy rhythm. Jackson plays both piano and guitar, adding interesting electric guitar melodies and riffs that weave in and out of the vocals.

Drinking My Way Home is a standout, a bittersweet rock ballad with a real sense of emotion. Lyrically, he has a nice sense of how to balance poetry and expression, and a gift for memorable lines.

The mood turns slow and sentimental on Polaroid Parade, with a violin adding a sweet counterpoint to the vocals. There Was A Time is another standout track with a jazzy vibe and anthemic chorus.

Walking on Fire is moody and hypnotic, just rhythmic acoustic guitar and voice. 

Will Jackson

Jackson is a native of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and grew up in a house always filled with music, and a variety of influences.  After spending 2 years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston as a songwriting major, he moved to Nashville TN, where he is still based.


1) Looks Like Today
2) Good Enough
3) Drinking My Way Home
4) Polaroid Parade
5) There Was A Time
6) Gonna Get Me Killed
7) Won't See Me In Heaven
8) Walking On Fire
9) Catch The Wind
10) Caroline Calls