Classic Rock & Blues | George Gritzbach: Full Circle (George Gritzbach Music / June 1, 2021)

Classic Rock & Blues:
George Gritzbach: Full Circle
(George Gritzbach Music / June 1, 2021)

Upbeat bluesy party music with a danceable beat and a tight groove - that's the appeal of George Gritzbach in Full Circle, his latest release.

Gritzbach plays guitar, along with penning all the material. Vocally, he's got a raspy rock voice that works with the RnB/rock flavoured material, supplemented by harmony vocals where it counts.

Musically, he cycles through a range of classic rock moods. Sweet Misery has a nice keyboard sound to accompany melodic guitar riffs, reminiscent of Santana in its Latin flavour.

He's chosen a talented roster of accompanying musicians, Peter Murry on saxophone and horns by Steven Ahern (trumpet) and Dan Anthony (trombone) on some tracks. There are guest appearances by critically acclaimed harmonica great Jerry Portnoy, who was a fixture in the Muddy Waters Band.

Sally O and Burning at Both Ends are straight up blues tunes, while Never Far Away has a truly classic RnB groove, compleat with organ swells against the horns and rhythm guitar.

Black Rose is an interesting track with its Louisiana bayou flair, reminiscent of Robbie Robertson. On Better Than Gold, Gritzbach displays what the Washington Post called his "knock-out slide guitar work."

The production is smooth without losing the music's vitality. If your groove is classic rock and blues, you can't go wrong with this release.

Personnel: George Gritzbach guitars, Scott Lariviere bass, Christian McCarthy drums, percussion, Johnny Menezes keys, Peter Murry Sax, Jerry Portnoy harmonica, Steve Ahern trumpet, Dan Anthony trombone, Gabby Rossen vocals.

Tracklist: 1 All About Now; 2 Sweet Misery; 3 One Race, Many Faces; 4 Sally-O; 5 Never Far Away; 6 Cheap Thrill; 7 Black Rose; 8 Roots Rhythm & Blues; 9 Burning at Both Ends; 10 Better Than Gold

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