Prog Rock Redux | Gary Craig: Yesterday Into Day (Independent / 10 April 2021)

Prog Rock Redux
Gary Craig: Yesterday Into Day
(Independent / 10 April 2021)

Prog rock meets radio friendly synth pop on this unusual and versatile release from Alabama based musician and songwriter Gary Craig. 

Gary Craig - Yesterday Into Today

The prog rock thread is particularly evident on Carousel of Time, the opening track, with its ELP-esque rhythmic and harmonic changes. The Hobo Song begins as a piano driven ballad with a storyteller's sensibility, strained through country rock.  

His tenor is suited to the reflective and introspective lyrics, with rich harmonies on tracks like Putting On The Show, a radio rock song.  

Craig keeps it interesting with a variety of moods and modes. It Never Bothered Me is an interesting throwback to 90s synthpop, with a simple driving beat underneath the string sounds. Mirrors slows it down to a folk rock song with an acoustic guitar pattern at its heart. 

He comes out swinging on War Torn, a hard rock rant at the state of things. The energy and drive make it a stand-out track.

Gary Craig

From the Artist:

"Most of the songs on this album were written in the early 90s by a younger me, but the subject matter was about time, getting older and  reminiscing. I rediscovered these recordings recently, as an older me, and was astonished at how the songs' contexts really hit home today. It's as if I went back in time and wrote these tunes as a man who had already lived the life. I was so overwhelmed that I had to record them again with today's technology and a more seasoned me!"

Yesterday Into Day  1. Carousel Of Time; 2. The Hobo Song; 3. Putting On The Show; 4. Mirrors; 5. It Never Bothered Me; 6. Davita; 7. War Torn; 8. Generations

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