Adult Contemporary | Ajay Mathur: I Need You Now (Yaketeeyak Music / 30 July 2021

Adult Contemporary
Ajay Mathur: I NEED YOU NOW
(Yaketeeyak Music / 30 July 2021)

An infectious beat and a simple romantic message are at the heart of I Need You Now, a new single from singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur.

At times, the vocals reminded me of the artist who used to be known as Cat Stevens, with a melodic resonance. Harmony vocalists are a nice addition to the mix. Along with the acoustic guitar and rhythm section, keyboards and a little electronic enhancement add to the texture of the sound. 

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur was born and raised in India, and lives in Switzerland. Ajay's album Little Boat was awarded Germany's Best English Language Album of the Year 2018 at the 36th German Rock & Pop Awards 2018.