Experimental Electronic: Electric Treatment Free EP (Independent / 9 May 2020)

Experimental Electronic:
Electric Treatment Free (EP)
(Independent / 9 May 2020)

Melodic and hypnotic, Electric Treatment Free is a solo experimental electronic project by Ottawa musician/producer Mark Uygur. 

Uygur studied music for many years with private teachers and completed university courses in theory and composition. He cut his teeth performing as a guitar player with various bands locally, and the album is a huge departure from that realm.

study 4, an original composition, is inventive, bright, and bubbling, a mesmerizing track. maths (conlon guitars) is an interesting mashup of video game music with classical and even jazz elements. 

The list of sample credits for three of the tracks on the five-song EP is two pages long, and includes archival material as well as free tracks used under a CC license. andrei's bright day combines spoken sound and jangly piano. the brother of sleep uses a recorded phone message, among other sound bites. 

He juggles the source material electronically to come up with new edges and juxtapositions. It's an intriguing collection of tracks that plays with idioms and sounds, and never gets boring.

All music written by a human (Mark Uygur) and played by a computer.

Tracklist: 1) study 4; 2) andrei's bright day; 3) the brother of sleep; 4) maths (conlon guitars); 5) fort smith

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