I Love Short Film | TIFF Short Cuts Programme 01: Family Through Many Lenses

TIFF Short Cuts Programme 01
Explores The Relationships Closest To Us

The TIFF Short Cuts Programme 01 delved into family and close relationships, and what is truly awe-inspiring is the level of creativity on display.

Each was able to tell a poignant story within a time frame of 15 minutes or less. 

Love, Dad by Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Love, Dad by Diana Cam Van Nguyen (Image courtesy of TIFF)

DEFUND (dir. Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Araya Mengesha)
CANADA | 2021 | English
A funny script and natural performances light up this story of adult twins confined by the lockdown search for ways to fight racial injustice, set during the summer of 2020. 

Love, Dad / Milý tati (dir. Diana Cam Van Nguyen)
It's amazing how much emotion and poignant storytelling Vietnamese-Czech filmmaker Van Nguyen can squeeze out of 12 minutes. The story unfolds as the narrator rediscovers letters sent to her by her father during the year he spent in prison 15 years earlier.

Egúngún / Masquerade (Olive Nwosu)
Egúngún / Masquerade by Olive Nwosu (Image courtesy of TIFF)

Fanmi (dir.andrine Brodeur-Desrosiers, Carmine Pierre-Dufour)
CANADA | 2021 | French, Haitian Creole
After a break-up, a woman has to contend with her mother's unexpected visit. There is warmth, and unspoken undercurrents, and it all rings true.

Angakusajaujuq - The Shaman's Apprentice (dir. Zacharias Kunuk)
CANADA | 2021 | Inuktitut
Zacharias Kunuk returns to the festival with his first animated project, a magical story told with stop motion technique. A girl is an apprentice shaman to her grandmother, and she faces a formidable task that will test her abilities.


Beity (Isabelle Mecattaf)
There are two stories going on in a Beirut household. The wealthy owners rarely lift a finger, while the servant couple do all the work. Both, though, have daughters old enough to leave home. 

Zero / Nula (Lee Filipovski)
CANADA, SERBIA | 2021 | Serbian
A young couple are on a road trip through pleasant mountainous countryside, have a conversation that veers from light bickering to accusations and back again. Filipovski's clever script and sharp ear for dialogue give each character the chance to make their point with laughs. 

*Full disclosure: I have a bit part in one of Lee's earlier films. ;) 

Egúngún / Masquerade (Olive Nwosu)
UNITED KINGDOM, NIGERIA | 2021 | English, Yoruba
Successful in London, a woman has to return home to Lagos for her mother's funeral. There, she reconnects, albeit briefly, with a childhood friend and feelings long forgotten.