Opera + Visual Art | United Arts Studies Presents A Free Six-Part Video Series

 From a media release:

Opera + Visual Art
United Arts Studies
Presents A Six-Part Video Series

Soprano Elizaveta Ulakhovich and baritone Perry Sook invite you to a six-part video series.

Unites Arts Studies

Pairing some of the world’s great opera arias with masterpiece paintings, “United Arts Studies” hopes to convey the excitement of both opera and the visual arts, and kick off discussions on creativity and imagination.

  • Releasing one episode per month, the first three episodes of the United Art Studies are available on their YouTube channel
  • The fourth episode on Verdi and Dali is scheduled to be released on September 23, 2021 at the link

Created during the pandemic, this completely free online series follows the story of two young opera singers who decide to enroll in an online art history course when they found themselves with some sudden free time. Hoping to entice lovers of the arts as well as novices to opera to enjoy the endless variety of these great human achievements, each episode contains a lesson about a painter and one or two composers, with discussions interspersed with the performance of operatic arias.

United Arts Studies - Perry Sook and Elizaveta Ulakhovich
Baritone Perry Sook & Soprano Elizaveta Ulakhovich

Soprano Elizaveta Ulakhovich was born in St. Petersburg, Russia; a recipient of many awards internationally, she is a graduate of the Young Artist Program of the Bolshoi Theatre. Baritone Perry Sook is an American Baritone from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, with an exciting career in both musical theatre and opera; Mr. Sook has performed and toured extensively locally and internationally.

United Arts Studies is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate and inspire people of all ages to enjoy and seek out different types of art.​

Founded by young opera couple, Perry Sook and Elizaveta Ulakhovich, they hope to bring familiarity and fun to opera while exploring the visual arts.