The Reggaestra: Tribute to Bunny Wailer (Picaxe Production / 14 May 2021)

The Reggaestra: Tribute to Bunny Wailer
(Picaxe Production / 14 May 2021)

When reggae legend Bunny Wailer fell ill earlier this year (he passed on March 2, 2021), the community knew it was time to make a record in tribute. 

Tribute to Bunny Wailer

Grammy-nominated producer and Roots Reggae artist Picstitch was approached by Solominic Reggaestra, the band that had backed Bunny up for many years. PicStitch has worked with artist such as Sizzla, Half Pint, Mighty Diamond, Trilla U, George Nooks, Lukie D, and Daddy U Roy. He leads The Reggaestra in this full-length album.

 "I was approached by the Solomonic Reggaestra and they informed me that they are planning to record a tribute album for their lead singer Bunny Wailer who at the time was falling ill and could not perform.  I was asked to step in and cover some of his iconic hits. I took the opportunity right away and the rest was history!" - Picstitch

"Tribute to Bunny Wailer" features 14 of Bunny Wailer's classic tracks performed by musicians with Roots Reggae in their DNA. The sound, needless to say, is authentic.

Roots Man Skanking is a standout track, one that perfectly suits Picstitch's raspy delivery. With Cool Runnings, and all of Bunny's familiar hits, it's a treat for Roots Reggae fans, even if the occasion was sad.

Tracklist: 1. Rock and groove; 2. Roots man skanking; 3. Ballroon floor; 4. Cool runnings; 5. Don dadda; 6.Conviction; 7. Hypocrites; 8. Mr. Collie man; 9. Ram dancehall; 10.Dream Land; 11.Love fire; 12.Dance rock; 13.Amagedeon; 14.Reggaestra

Personnel: Picstitch, Lead singer; Danny Axeman, bass guitar; Keith Sterlyn, Keyboard; Aubrey Manning, Drums; Barry Bailey, Trombone; Craig Henry, Trumpet; Tafane Buchsaecab, Saxophone

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