Alt Country | Seneko: '69 Camaro (Torrez Music Group / 22 October 2021)

Alt Country
Seneko: '69 Camaro
(Torrez Music Group / 22 October 2021)

Country, pop rock with a retro feel, fuelled by solid musicianship - that's the appeal of '69 Camaro, the new release from Connecticut based Seneko.

Seneko - '69 Camaro

Seneko is the brainchild of vocalist/songwriter Stan Olshefski. He talks about the new album, a departure from his debut acoustic EP, in a release. "I really wanted to make something fresh and have always wanted to do a guitar driven Rock record - So I did. The downtime during the pandemic gave me an opportunity to write a lot, so there was plenty to choose from."

The songs each tell a story, and the threads of Americana and alt rock weave in and out of each other musically through the title track. 

No Goin' Back has a rockabilly heartbeat. Olshefski's vocals perfectly suit the song, a languid melody against a classic country train beat. Writing On The Wall goes full throttle country-rock, with a straight ahead groove and a tale of love that shouldn't have happened. 

As a songwriter, he's got a talent for earworm hooks, and creating just the right mood for each song. It's Americana with a sense of polish that doesn't take away its rawness of expression.

Lead Vocals - Stan Olshefski; Guitars - Jon Conley; Bass and BGVs - Luis Espaillat; Drums - Paul Scholten

1) '69 Camaro - 3:39; 2) No Goin' Back - 3:50; 3) For Her Love - 4:01; 4) Crazy as She's Cute - 3:21; 5) Writing on the Wall - 4:39

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