Jazz Fusion | Don Macdonald: Shifting Sands

Jazz Fusion
Don Macdonald: Shifting Sands
(Independent / Jan 7, 2022)

Shifting Sands, a new album by veteran composer/performer Don Macdonald will have its international release on January 7, 2022.

Don MacDonald

It's rare to centre fiddle and mandolin on a jazz album, and it results in a uniquely bright sounding groove. The strings are bolstered by guitar, piano, acoustic bass and drums, and the songs blend jazz harmonies and rhythms with bluegrass idioms and Ghanaian-inspired sounds. 

The result is music with a truly unique flavour that should please both jazz lovers and a broader audience of music lovers with an innovative ear. 

The ensemble features Macdonald, an internationally recognized composer of film and concert music (he’s also been playing improvised music for over 35 years on violin and saxophone), along with an all-star cast of Canadian musicians – Dave Restivo (3-time winner of the National Jazz Awards’ Pianist of the Year Award), Mike Rud (Juno Award Winner), and Rob Fahie (former band leader and bassist for Nikki Yanovsky). Joining the group is Boston based Jason Anick, “A rising star in the world of jazz violin and mandolin” (Downbeat Magazine). It also features Steven Parish(drums), Jill McKenna (upright bass), and Dylan Ferris (mandolin). 

Don Macdonald/Violin; Dave Restivo/Piano; Mike Rud/Guitar; Steven Parish/Drums; Jason Anick and Dylan Ferris; Rob Fahie and Jill Mckenna/Bass

Track Listing
1. Shifting Sands; 2. Dali's ; 3. Bayou; 4. Dreams of Ozymandias; 5. La Tormenta; 6. Derecho; 7. Bembe; 8. Atacama; 9. Homecoming