Swedish Folk Pop: Kolonien - Farfars Jord

From a media release:

Swedish Folk Pop:
Kolonien - Farfars Jord
Cumbancha / December 9, 2021)

Kolonien's "Farfars Jord" (Grandfather's Land) is a beautiful and haunting song, perfect for the holiday season and introspective winter weather. This is the third single from the Swedish quartet's upcoming album Till Skogen to be released by Cumbancha in late Spring 2022. 


With moving lyrics and a powerful message, Kolonien's ethereal Scandinavian folk pop will enchant and transport you. 

According to the band, "This song is dedicated to our grandfather Hans Möller, who passed away from Covid-19 in 2020. It speaks about how his generation built this place, in all its wonders and all its fallacies. Words derived from a conversation between Hans and ourselves, the young and the old. Perhaps also echoing the conversations between earth and man, as it appears in the search for a sustainable future."