Pop Single | Anya Mia: Love Is An Illusion

Pop Single
Anya Mia: Love Is An Illusion

I'm starting the new year with new music — my own, as it happens. My new single is called Love Is An Illusion. You can stream or buy it at Bandcamp by clicking on the image.

Love Is An Illusion by Anya Mia

Along with writing the music and words, I play keyboards (which I took up in April 2020 as a COVID project), and sing, with Geoff Burns on the bass, and Nick Burson on drums/percussion. (They also play together in Brutus Begins).

The song was recorded at Boxcar Sound Recording in Hamilton, Ontario, with the help of Matt Montour (engineer, mixing, mastering).

What's the inspiration? Honestly, I just liked the sound of the words. :) And honestly, it's happened to everyone, I think.

Or, check out the lyric video I made below. Enjoy reliving your disastrous, and hopefully short-lived, relationships.