A COVID Cabaret Song & Other Pandemic Musical Projects

A COVID Cabaret Song
& Other Pandemic Musical Projects

Despite everything, it seems like the pandemic may actually be on the way out in 2022. Maybe things can progress - hopefully not exactly back to what we used to call normal.

The pandemic gave me the time to begin to learn how to play keyboards, and through that, to develop my sound as a singer-songwriter in a vein of eclectic pop. My music has a retro feel (so do I!) and a range of influences from blues to RnB and classic pop genres.

  • One beef: Why do so many singer-songwriter categories insist that I play an acoustic guitar??
  • I began with basic scales in April 2020, practising during the lockdowns whenever the restlessness took hold. By 2021, I was compelled to write a song about the experience.

    COVID Cabaret Song

    Dundas Music Club: Remote Version

    In 2022, we went through another partial lockdown locally (as for me, a two-week period of isolation after possible exposure, and a thankfully negative test).

    The Dundas Music Club, usually a live open mic event, went online to Zoom. I created a series of one-take videos to participate.

    A cover of the classic Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler, published & first performed in 1933.

    My song Light of Day - recorded with a band for my EP Looking for Heaven's Ghost, here a solo keyboard version.

    The Hesitation (or Hesitating) Blues is about 100 years old, and comes from a traditional song. I'm using an arrangement based on the version published by W.C. Handy (who first had the genius idea to publish those old Delta Blues songs), with lyrics based on the version played by Jelly Roll Morton. 

    A cover of Do Right by Kansas City Joe McCoy (first recorded in 1936, based on Peggy Lee's 1942 version)

    My original, as yet unrecorded song Corporate Jive

    A cover Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, written by Jimmie Cox in 1923 and first made famous by blues legend Bessie Smith

    A solo keyboard version of my song Freight Train (from my EP Looking For Heaven's Ghost)

    Living Room Cabaret

    Another couple of songs I experimented with during the 2020 lockdowns.

    Winter Woollen Blues - an original song, as yet unrecorded

    Lie Of Love - an original song, as yet unrecorded