Blues/Rock Veteran | Doug Henthorn: Three (Independent / 6 May 2022)

Blues/Rock Veteran
Doug Henthorn: Three
(Independent / 6 May 2022)

A veteran of the American rock and blues scene, Doug Henthorn comes out of the pandemic with a strong new release. 

Henthorn has a depth of talent that mines multiple modes from the classic rock/blues idiom.  Set Em Up, Throw Em Back, Knock Em Down, despite the pugilistic title, is a slow, contemplative groove. His vocals have just the right raspy sense of world weariness to convey the mood.

He covers The Cars classic Drive in a slow and sexy groove that emphasizes melody, adding an irresistible rhythm to the mix. He also does a muscular cover of The Eagles' Wasted Time, and a slide guitar version of The Beatles' Across The Universe.

Fate of None showcases the strength of his vocals, with both power and melodic flexibility in an anthemic song anchored by both guitar and keys. 

Songs like Forewarned and Failing, and So Long, Goodbye fall squarely into bluesy rock territory, while Counting Down Every Minute falls into a country-rock mode, and he does rock straight up in Devil's Coming Home.

Prior to his solo career, Doug formed the Healing Sixes, releasing three records with producer Kevin Shirley, Jason Bonham on drums, and featuring guitarist Joe Bonamassa. He's also performed and recorded with the likes of John Hiatt and Beth Hart.


He's bounced back from health issues and the pandemic to release a new album. Doug spoke about the experience in a release. 

"After releasing my first solo record 'Cold Medicine' (2016), I encountered some health issues and found myself contemplating end of life scenarios. I was writing a lot of material in this time period but didn't feel right about releasing it after my recovery. I released 'The LLC' (my second solo release) instead," he says in a release. 

"With the onset of the pandemic, lockdowns and isolation, I found myself contemplating again - adding to the material I'd compiled years earlier, and wanting to release this material. It feels right to release now. It's a bit dark and obviously contemplative, but really a very positive and hopeful record. Sometimes dark, sometimes poking fun at myself, from mellow and somber to straight up hard rock, I feel it's the most honest record I've done to date. There are three covers on the record as well that fit perfectly." 

The release lights up with stellar guitar work, and strong rock vocals. Along with a gift for crafting catchy new blues rock, he can wring new emotions out of well-worn covers. 

Personnel: Doug Henthorn: Voice and Guitars; Tim Fuller: Bass; Travis Feaster: Guitars; Troye Kinnett: Keys; Brian Yarde, Devon Ashley, Wade Parish:Drums 

Tracklist: 1: Set Em Up, Throw Em Back, Knock Em Down; 2: Drive; 3: Fate of None; 4: Forewarned and Failing; 5: Wasted Time; 6: Counting Down Every Minute; 7: So Long, Goodbye; 8: The Tourist; 9: Across the Universe; 10: Devil's Come Home