A Sense Of Invention | Arnab Sengupta: Leap of Faith (Independent / 14 January 2022)

A Sense Of Invention
Arnab Sengupta: Leap of Faith
Independent / 14 January 2022)

Elements of multiple genres emerge in the intriguing work of Arnab Sengupta, including jazz, blues, world, classical and experimental.

Arnab Sengupta - Leap of Faith CD

On Leap of Faith, his third album, he's reaching for universal truths along with musical invention.

From the artist:

“For “Leap of Faith” I wanted to try out some new styles and sounds. The creative ideas for the songs in this album have spanned over 5 years, which entailed my migration to Australia, my experiences of setting up life in a new environment, my learning and regular practice of Vipassana meditation and dedicating my musical direction to learning and practicing Jazz piano with my teacher from New York.

“So this album did mark a “Leap of Faith” in many ways. The songs in this album are more versatile and there is a certain stylistic variety which shines through, though the words are still about my pursuit of the final frontier – the ultimate truth and meaning of Life.”


The tracks range from the driving jazz beat of Face in the Crowd, lit up by the vocals of Anshu Jha, to This Way, which marries danceable beats to contemplative, soulful lyrics. Instrumentation is varied and changes up with the personnel on each track. Alone But Not Lonely is heavy on melodic guitar, with elements of classical music and art song in a jazzy mix. Leap of Faith features a strong drum line by percussionist Patrick Simard, set against Scott Allen's lead guitar in a progrock arrangement. 

The 8 tracks offer variety in style and genre, with an eclectic sense of musicianship. 

Based in Sydney currently, Arnab is an alumni of Berklee College of Music, and works as a vocal coach and session artist - along with developing a live show. 

Personnel: Arnab Sengupta - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Piano, Songwriting, Composition & Arrangements; Anshu Jha – Vocals, Songwriting on Face in The Crowd; Andrija Gavrilovic – Horns & Brass Arrangements, Trumpets, Saxophone; Sonu Sangameswaran - Bass on Leap of Faith; Elin Sandberg - Bass on Face in the Crowd, This Way; Yoshiki Yamada - Bass on Drudgery Train, Perfect Line, Set in Stone; Patrick Simard - Drums on Leap of Faith; Matias Menarguez - Drums on This Way, Face in The Crowd; Bruno Werner - Drums on Set in Stone, Perfect Line; Larry Salzman - Percussions on Drudgery Train; Scott Allen - Lead Guitars on Leap of Faith 

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