Eclectic Guitar | Chris Forte: Backyard Astronomy (Independent / 22 October 2021)

Eclectic Guitar
Chris Forte: Backyard Astronomy
(Independent / 22 October 2021)

Eclectic guitar love with high bar of musicianship - that's the appeal of veteran musician Chris Forte's latest release, Backyard Astronomy.

Chris Forte - Backyard Astronomy

The majority of the tracks on the album (11 out of 14) are instrumentals, showcasing his rich musical imagination. Searchin' is haunting and evocative in a folk mode. Liquid guitar lines take the place of vocals in a smooth and seamless effect. 

Using a combination of earworm harmonic changes and melodic density, the compositions hold your attention. In A Funk is a kinetic ride of musical virtuosity, where a nice fat organ accompanies his nimble guitar work against a driving beat.

Forte doesn't get stuck into any kind of stylistic rut. He gives the blues classic a glossy contemporary makeover, with jazzy overtones and gorgeous vocals by LaShera Moore. In Tranquilo, the rhythms are Latin, the guitar work bright and fluid, and the pace lightning quick. Moore jumps in again on the jazzy and piano-driven The Way We Love, and the gospel/Americana Messed Up World.

Quarantine Coronatones takes a trip into ambient territory, with mesmerizing water sounds along with a trippy guitar rhythm. He covers Rhapsody in Blue, giving the iconic track a layer of bluesy guitar. The title track is melancholic and introspective, rendered in impressive fingerwork on the frets. 

Chris Forte by Le Rose Photography

Chris Forte is a performing and touring guitarist based out of the Chicago area, with a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from Roosevelt University. Along with his work as a solo artist, he is the musical director and a performer in the SoundTracks of a Generation show, and tours with Mannheim Steamroller.

If you love the guitar, and following a virtuosic take through multiple genres with impeccable musical taste, Chris Forte's latest effort is a worthwhile buy.

With 15 musicians and singers involved, the album was recorded at various studios and at Chris' home during the quarantine.

Personnel: Chris Forte – Guitar, LaShera Moore – Vocals, Chris “Hambone” Cameron and Matt Becker – Keyboards, Chuck Webb, Brian Ebert, and Mike Zabrin – Bass, Rob Davis and Luiz Ewerling – Drums, and other various guests

Tracklist: 1. Searchin’; 2. In A Funk; 3. The Thrill Is Gone; 4. Tranquillo; 5. A Lifetime With You; 6. Quarantine Coronatones; 7. Rehash Swagger; 8. The Way We Love; 9. The Swan; 10. Messed Up World; 11. Covidy Blues; 12. Rhapsody In Blue; 13. Baby Steps; 14. Backyard Astronomy

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