Indie Pop | Optacure: Stray (Independent / 15 February 2022)

Indie Pop
Optacure: Stray
(Independent / 15 February 2022)

It's true that I've got you
But I don't know what that means

Optacure's latest single Stray is upbeat pop with an infectious beat that will have you bouncing in your seat. Based in Australia, the track was recorded in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and in Quezon City, Philippines. 


From the Artist:

"The song explores the perspective of someone who loses trust in relationships - friends, family, or romantic. In an extended period of thinking of being alone, this person will slowly question what it means to have someone and what the limitations are in every relationship."

Emmanuel Aguila adds layers of shimmering guitar and bell-tones from the keyboard that spin around the base of Edmund's vocals and acoustic guitar. It's a nice combination of elements that add textural depth to the track.

From the artist's bio:

Optacure is a fabricated word which means Optical Cure. It's a philosophy of searching for a universal perspective through music. It is the backbone of the art surrounding the music which focuses on presenting different perspectives to ponder on.

After moving to Australia, songwriter Edmund Gemelo Jr. found himself without the usual bandmates. He connected with producer Emmanuel Aguila to release a series of singles.

It's upbeat indie pop with a sophisticated edge.

Personnel: Edmund Gemelo Jr. - vocals and acoustic guitars; Emmanuel Aguila - electric guitars, bass, keys, and drums

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