Summer 2022 Airline Chaos: A New Twist

Airline Chaos:
A New Twist

This has been a summer of travel horror stories for anyone who's attempted to go by air.

I myself went on a short (even shorter than I expected!) holiday to the US. Here's the chronology, broken down by leg of the journey.

Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

Going There

  • Supposed to leave June 17 morning, returning June 20 late afternoon;
  • 10pm on July 16, received a notice via the airline's mobile phone app that the flight was cancelled;
  • They kindly rebooked me to a flight June 18 in the evening, which would have cut my 4-day weekend to 2;
  • As it happens, I was sleeping at 10pm on July 16, since I thought I had to go to the airport at 3am;
  • When I woke up at 1am, after hastily scrambling about online, I was able to rebook my rebooking to the early morning of June 18, thereby saving a kind of 3-day weekend;
  • Since they told me too late to rebook my hotel, loss of one day.

Airports: Pearson

  • Arrived at Pearson at 3:40am;
  • US Customs opens at 4am;
  • There are various line-ups in front of the Customs gate, several hundred people;
  • Of course, they're late opening;
  • Thank God I took only carry-on, and already checked in - it's the least of the line-ups;
  • Inside, there are more endless line-ups;
  • By 5:30 I'm at my gate and starving;
  • A wolfed down $31 breakfast later, and I'm finally on the plane.

Airports: Atlanta

  • In Atlanta, they tell you it's the world's largest and busiest airport, and they say it like it's something to be proud of;
  • I realize that, unless I have at least 3 hours to spare, there's no point lining up at any of the food outlets in the area where I am;
  • This is especially true coming home, where my flight is delayed until nearly closing time.

The Twist: Back Home

You'd think the story would be over, but a month after I got back, the airline app sent me a notice that my flight (same flight number) had been delayed (same flight that was delayed coming home) until 10:25pm. But, not to worry, my baggage was already on the plane.

A few minutes later, they sent me another notice saying my flight was boarding, and I had to hurry up and get to the gate.

A month later, and they were still trying to f&ck up my vacation.

If you were wondering why there haven't been many travel pieces lately...this is why. :)