Thoughtful Pop | Roy Shakked: Throwback (Groove Gravy Records / Release: 2 August 2022)

Thoughtful Pop
Roy Shakked: Throwback
(Groove Gravy Records / Release: 2 August 2022)

Thoughtful pop that catches the ear, and gives you something unexpected both lyrically and musically - that's the appeal of Roy Shakked's new release, Throwback.

Instrumentation is lush, and based on traditional instruments, with layers of melody and intriguing rhythms. His lyrics are clever, and range from the usual boy/girl dramas to observations on life. 

Musically, he ranges through multiple genres convincingly, with an emphasis on retro grooves. There's a nice RnB feel that adds infectious rhythms to songs like Play On and Emotional.

Your Eyes takes a turn for the acoustic, while Nothing You Can Do is a smooth neosoul anthem. Ocean is a standout track, a trippy ride through jazzy chord changes and a disco rhythm. Fly On The Wall is another highlight, with a heavy electronic beat and jazzy melody.

He takes retro elements and blends them with a contemporary finish. This is an album you'll find yourself grooving to and humming along, even on the first listen. 

Roy has composed music for dozens of TV shows and films, along with advertisements and trailers. After years of writing for others, over the last decade, he began to release his own songs digitally, with over 4 million streams under various names. 

Personnel: Roy Shakked: Lead and backing vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Percussion; Tim Lefebvre: Bass; Brett Simons: Bass; Amos Hadani: Guitar; Oz Noy: Guitar; Tamir Barzilay: Drums; Blair Sinta: Drums; Itamar Ben Yakir: Trumpet

Tracklist: 1. Play On; 2. Emotional; 3. Your Eyes; 4. Nothing You Can Do; 5. Ocean; 6. Fly On The Wall; 7. Harden Your Heart; 8. I’m Telling Everyone (Album Redux); 9. Oblivion (Throwback Mix); 10. Beautiful Things

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