Art Pop | Globus: Cinematica (Imperativa Records, Inc / 14 October 2022)

Art Pop
Globus: Cinematica
(Imperativa Records, Inc / 14 October 2022)

"With Cinematica, I wanted to create a musical journey, much like the best of cinematic experiences, which takes the listener through a myriad of visual landscapes and deep connections to the essential fibers of the human condition. The album contains a diverse representation of musical genres, with lyrical explorations of complex relationships, mental health, tyranny, war, unifying struggles, healing and hope. Much of the inspiration came from a familiar production process for Globus - using original orchestral instrumental compositions to evoke and inspire new melodies and additional arrangement elements, creating new Cinematic Rock songs. It’s vital to me that the intended result is a visceral, immersive, bigger-than-life aural experience for the listener." - Yoav Goren (Globus)

With a cinematic sweep and a storytelling heart, Globus' new release plays like an atmospheric soundtrack from the very first song, the 27-second Sprockets, which plays like a kind of overture.

The themes are socially aware and the lyrics poetic.

Peace in our time
Gives me hope
Makes me smile
But like sheep
We ignore
Man's hunger for war

Goren has written scores for Hollywood films, including film trailers for franchises such as Spiderman, X-Men and Harry Potter. That sense of drama and theatricality is translated to the music on this release.

It's powerful art pop-rock with orchestral sensibilities. Peace In Our Time has an appropriate build to urgency. O California, in stark contrast to the largely upbeat fairytales of most songs about the state, is spooky and dwells on broken dreams and disparity of opportunity. False Redeemers has an operatic range, including a chorus behind the strings and orchestral percussion. 


Goren writes all the material, with the notable exception of covers of David Bowie's seminal I'm Afraid Of Americans, and the classic You'll Never Walk Alone. He electronicas Bowie's song, contrasting the verse with the urgency of the chorus, and adding an avant-garde piano line. It's an interesting take.

With several singers on backup, Goren is the lead vocalist, with a perfect and expressive alt-rock tenor. Some songs, like War, divide the vocals among several voices. 

As a songwriter, he has a nice facility for blending hooky anthemic melodies with serious subjects in the lyrics. Seraphim begins with a swirl of orchestral energy, with the vocals of a classical choral work on top of solid percussion. In contrast, Brothers in Arms offers a heavy synth-rock sound with an anthemic groove, while Carry The Flame has the heart of an old school RnB song.

It's music out of the ordinary with a sense of storytelling and theatrical flair. 

Personnel: Yoav Goren - Piano, Synths, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals; Ryan Hanifl: Vocals; Dann Pursey: Vocals; Lisbeth Scott: Vocals; Anneke van Giersbergen: Vocals; Lindsay Solo: Vocals; Adam Max Goren: Vocals; Stacy Wilde: Vocals; Jane Runnalls Poole: Vocals; Tate Simms: Guitars, Bass; Ariel Mann: Guitars; Mark Phillips: Guitars; Kfir Melamed: Bass; Gregg Bissonette: Drums