Folk Punk With Balkan Flair | Erik & The Worldly Savages: FUTURE THUNDER VOID (Independent / 7 March 2023)

Folk Punk With Balkan Flair
Erik & The Worldly Savages: FUTURE THUNDER VOID
(Independent / 7 March 2023)

"Embrace the Void. Don't chase the noise."

Balkan folk traditions mix with layered, melodic arrangements and instrumentation and growly punk vocals. It's an intriguing musical combination. THUNDER in our hearts is reminiscent of 60's era orchestral pop.

Surf rock guitars and an insistent rhythm create the urgency of Embrace the VOID. Trumpet, accordion and sax are inspired additions to the classic rock instrumental mix. They add a dimension of Balkan jazz to vintage rock idioms.

The music is interesting, if the message leans into the self-congratulatory. 

...they are sheep, the stupid fools,
they don't understand
the thunder in our hearts...

(From THUNDER in our hearts)

You get the idea. I don't know about you, but when the message is that everyone else is a "sheep", I tend to tune it out.

Erik Mut is the singer and songwriter, with a mission to deliver a punk ethos with a raw edge. His personal philosophy is one of freedom and leaving the past behind, and it's reflected in the lyrics. The former Torontonian left his native county in 2008 at the age of 25, setting up in Belgrade, Serbia, to form his band. They played across Europe with many different musicians in the line-up.

"Written in Thailand and Mexico, Future Thunder Void takes place after the events of the previous "Break Free" EP. It describes the different sensations and feelings of a nomadic life in the modern world. It shows you how confusing, empowering and hopeful it can be. The single "Thunder In Our Hearts" covers what it means to recognize your own individuality and how it feels to broadcast that to the world; it speaks to those who believe in embracing the beat of their own drum without sacrificing success. It celebrates finding new, authentic ways of being fully in one's own ultimate lifestyle." - Erik Mut

P.S. While the band and leader obviously believe in their version of personal freedom, I'll just note that the whole digital nomad lifestyle comes at the cost of those who have to maintain the networks that allow it to happen, the local neighbourhoods they irrevocably change, and is obviously something that can be enjoyed only by the privileged few, among other problematic issues. 

It's also hard to sell the idea of cultural sensitivity when you insist on unironically calling yourself an "expat". 

The band will be touring through Europe in April. Current tour dates here.

Personnel: Erik Mut - Guitar/Vocals; Milan Yeqy Jejina - Drums; Caspar Wijnberg - Bass; Dusan Murisic - Trumpet; Luka Lopicic - Accordion; Milan Jeftic - Sax; Gojko Maric - Guitar; Milan Djordjevic - Guitar