Melancholic Melodic Pop | Earthly Frames: Taped Over (Independent / April 3, 2023)

Melancholic Melodic Pop
Earthly Frames: Taped Over
(Independent / April 3, 2023)

Gabriel Walsh is the founder and writer for Earthly Frames. His expressive vocals recall British alt-rock influences, ranging from a solid, warm tenor to a breathy high end. Layers of harmony overlay the complex and melancholic melodies, woven between inventive instrumentation that ranges from guitar to mandolin, banjo and harmonica. (He also plays harmoniums and drums).

Along with his own multi-instrumental talents, he's added collaborators on Fiddle (Neil FitzGibbon), Accordion (Daire Mulhearn), Uilleann Pipes (David Stone), Harmonica (Mike Ballard), Trombone (Nikola Ristevski), Tuba (Mike Damnjanovski), Violin (Maria Grigoryeva) and Cello (Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva).

This release is steeped in Americana, folk and roots, with slide guitar and the unusual instrumentation to create a laid back, yet rollicking sound that always offers something unexpected. Sometimes, it's the rhythms that shift away from the typical folk mode, or the harmonies that stray into jazzy and even avant-garde territory. On Irish Goodbye, he adds Celtic fiddling to the mix. Pixels incorporates a moody vintage organ and jangling guitar in a spooky take on surf rock. 

Gabriel Walsh aka Earthly Frames
Gabriel Walsh aka Earthly Frames

The effect is lushly orchestral, and often hypnotic. This band is known for changing their style and even genre with every release, however, so for next time, all bets are off. Walsh is a veteran pop producer who has played in several bands over the decades. Earthly Frames is his latest incarnation.


  1. My Worst Self 04:09
  2. For a Blue Girl 04:29
  3. A Few Steps 04:34
  4. Monocacy 03:53
  5. Stay Strangers 03:28
  6. Dying, yet Gaming 04:22
  7. Irish Goodbye 03:33
  8. You Got a New Dog 02:42
  9. Pixels 04:13
  10. Watch Out for That One 02:32
  11. Taped Over 03:47