Alt Country Single | Geoff Gibbons: Feet Out the Window (Independent / 30 March 2023)

Alt Country Single
Geoff Gibbons: Feet Out the Window
(Independent / 30 March 2023)

Vancouver Alt Country singer-songwriter Geoff Gibbons' new single Feet Out The Window is steeped in retro vibes. It has an easy country swing to acoustic guitar picking, and it's easy to identify with the message: making peace with the past and remembering only the best of it.

Geoff Gibbons

The lyrics tell a story of love gone wrong, but it's a loss that's looked on with the wisdom that comes over time.

When I think of you I don't hold no bitter taste... 

It's a sound that's familiar, but he does it well, with swelling slide guitar and soft, melodic vocals. Gibbons has touched on the theme of 'dreaming about the freedom of the open road' in previous work.

"The song was born after a conversation with a friend who had recently gone through a tough marriage break up...wishing to remember his former partner in the best of their time together."

Geoff has been performing since his teens., and along with his solo work, he plays with indie folk duo KasēoGems and Southern Rock band New Yank Yorkies.

Geoff is also known as a producer and engineer in the Vancouver music community. His songs have been used in TV shows, including Higher Ground, Just Cause and Robson Arms, along with the animated Mook and the adult comedy series The Mr. Dink Show - winner of the jury prize for Best Animation at the New York International Film Festival.

His influences include the country-rock made famous by several Southern California bands of the 1970s. "I couldn't get enough of long-haired guys playing country-influenced music," he says in a statement.

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