Country Classic | Caroline Brennan: The Journey (Zephyr Sound / 29 May 2023)

Country Classic
Caroline Brennan: The Journey
(Zephyr Sound / 29 May 2023)

The band and the bartender know what to do
They play and they pour until you're no longer blue

Classic country licks with twangy guitars and melodic vocals, with a message of hope underneath the usual country blues - that's the appeal of Caroline Brennan's release The Journey. It's a compilation of a series of singles she's released over the last couple of years.

The Cape Cod based singer and songwriter's music is steeped in golden age Americana. Her lyrics are direct and relate to personal experience.  

"For me, these 5 songs symbolize a journey…the bad relationship or situation you are trying to break free of (“Going Back”), the realization that you need to move on (“Swim to Shore), the vacation or escape you need to get away and clear your head (“Breathe Happy In”), the special place where you find a sense of community and enjoy a memorable night enjoying life (“No Longer Blue”), and the new chapter with someone new where you bravely jump in and take a chance on love (“Break All the Rules”).

These 5 songs are about the human life experience…the recognition that we all yearn to be with each other, that we will have heartache through that journey, that we will need to lean on each other through difficult times, but if we maintain hope, there is also beauty, love, and friendship, and those things help us to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Growing up in a musical family, her father was well-known Irish musician Noel Henry. She began her career playing in his band before making her way as a solo artist. Caroline and her husband perform frequently around Cape Cod and the south coast.

Personnel: Caroline Brennan (vocals / guilele), Jon Evans (bass player / lap steel guitar), Mark Usher (acoustic guitar / electric guitar), Matthias Bossi (drums / percussion)

Tracklist: Break All the Rules (length), Going Back (length), Breathe Happy In (length), Swim to Shore (length), No Longer Blue (length)