Polished Pop | Judd Harris: Take Me Down (Independent / 15 May 2023)

Polished Pop
Judd Harris: Take Me Down
(Independent / 15 May 2023)

From the EP The Beach...coming in the fall of 2023

Take Me Down is the lead single from the upcoming EP The Beach by Judd Harris. Harris is a pop singer-songwriter and former American Idol contestant. 

Judd Harris

As the name implies, The Beach is meant to be summer-ready pop with a fresh vision. Take Me Down is bright, breezy, and crafted with a sense of perfection.

His expressive vocals are accompanied by a bouncy arrangement with Caribbean-inspired rhythms. The lyrics draw on realistic themes listeners can relate to. 

Borrowed your future for a degree
Because everyone said that's what you need...

In the end, though, the message is about taking a vacation from those everyday woes. It's a style and message that's echoed on the other three tracks of the upcoming EP. Musically, it's heavy on acoustic guitar with subtler accompaniment that leaves the spotlight on the melodic vocal/guitar mix.

Judd has partnered with producer David Schoenwetter (Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, Death Cab for Cutie), Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Randy Merrill (Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Adele) and session musician Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Harry Styles, Regina Spektor) to record the music he’s been writing on his Caribbean adventure.

He explains in a media release.

“After a friend died suddenly in his 30s, my wife and I decided to change our life. We had always talked about living in the Caribbean and within a year, we landed in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. When lockdown arrived in the D.R., I stopped playing live music and started writing new songs. The Beach EP came out of that time. And much like our friend’s passing jolted us into action, I think the pandemic caused a lot of people to reevaluate their lives in different ways, and especially to question the traditional notions of achievement in America, what’s worth the sacrifice, and what isn’t. It’s like we’d all been sleepwalking and the pandemic shook us awake, wondering how and why we ended up here. The theme of wanting something more runs through The Beach EP, whether that’s a big life change, a childhood dream, a special someone, or just a beach vacation.” 

The native of New Orleans was a finalist on American Idol Season 4, and was featured in major media such as Rolling Stone and People Magazine. His voice has been heard in many TV shows and commercials, and his TikTok duo with Billy Joel garnered more than a half million hits.

Personnel: Judd Harris (vocals/guitar), Leo Abrahams (guitar), David Schoenwetter (bass/keyboards/programming), Paul Amorese (drums), Rick Nossa (guitar)

Track List: Take Me Down; Simple Life; Let You Know; Endless Days