Alternative Metal | breakk.away: I'll See You When the Night Comes (Independent / 1 May 2023)

Alternative Metal
breakk.away: I'll See You When the Night Comes
(Independent / 1 May 2023)

Alt metal project breakk.away offers metalcore with a cinematic sensibility. The five members of breakk.away met in high school, although today they collaborate across continents, residing in Canada, France, and Mexico.

Their latest single comes from a place that's full of emotion for members of the band. 

"This song is about addiction but in particular, an addiction to negative, depressing thoughts that can spiral in your head in the middle of the night. It is told from the perspective of someone who has suffered and is in pain. Still, because it has become a standard, almost routine-like part of their life, they develop a sort of Stockholm syndrome and fall into a false sense of security or safety, leading to an addiction to the pain. This song is based on a real experience one of us had and is deeply personal." - Case Fadell (guitar)

Jessica Li melodic soprano floats over an arrangement that builds from quiet keyboards up to an urgent swell of guitar and rhythm section, and back down again. The track has a hypnotic effect that plays with expectations.

"I'll See You When the Night Comes is the first song we made together that made me feel like we worked together as a unit - where each of our distinctive styles added together to become something that none of us had the capacity to achieve on our own" - Jessica Li

"This song represents the roots of our sound; it results from multiple attempts at collaboration, all finally resolved with the first few chords. Once we started writing, it all came together pretty much instantly. It is the darker, more mellow side of breakk.away, and we can't wait to show you the rest" - Jorge Gonzalez Diez Guitierrez (keyboards)

Romain Dammann (guitar) and Tomomi Kimura (bass) round out the band. It's radio-friendly metalcore with a tight sense of production and musicianship.