Britpop Redux | Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky (Independent / 14 April 2023)

Britpop Redux
Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky
(Independent / 14 April 2023)

As a songwriter, Brady Harris has a nice ear for hooks that stick in your head in a retro Brit-pop mode. It's not surprising he lists the Beatles as a major inspiration.

Brady Harris by Darryl Marks
Brady Harris by Darryl Marks

The tracks are musically upbeat. Hotel In The Sky is a piano-driven pop-rock song that could have come out during the 1970s. Economy Of Sound taps into a melodic rock vein that reminds me of what they used to call New Wave with its singing guitars.

Parting Gift is a standout track with a sultry guitar groove. Brady's tenor is expressive and earnest, and it's bolstered by harmony vocals on the earworm chorus.  

Based in California now, the Texas songwriter and producer takes lyrical inspiration from a variety of sources. Hotel In The Sky is about a real world drug den in East London, and Economy of Sound pays tribute to the power of music, especially for lonely teenagers. Chateau Hill was inspired by Colline du Château, which sits above Old Town Nice and the beaches along the Promenade des Anglais. 

Brady's music has been featured on TV, indie films, and ads for European hotels. He's busked in London and Paris, and performs occasionally in France and England as well as in Southern Cali. 

Personnel: Brady Harris: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Loops and Programming

Tracklist: 01 Hotel in the Sky; 02 Economy of Sound; 03 Welcome Back to the Comedown; 04 Parting Gift; 05 Chateau Hill