Melodic Pop | Paul Supreme: Ninja Sword (Independent / 2 June 2023)

Melodic Pop
Paul Supreme: Ninja Sword
(Independent / 2 June 2023)

There's a sleek keyboard riff at the heart of Ninja Sword, a dancey track that's layered with loops and riffs underneath vocals that are raw and emotional. The track builds to a sense of urgency that underlies Paul Supreme's recent work.

Paul Supreme - Ninja Sword

The single comes from his album HYW 100, a cathartic release that dives into the hardships he's faced in recent years, including the end of a long-term relationship and the loss of his father. 

Paul's father and uncle were members of The Frogs, a band that influenced the Seattle grunge scene. Paul was playing in popular bands in his local Milwaukee scene until the tragic accidental death of his father. It sent him into a decade-long tailspin.

He's since emerged as a solo artist. 

While the inspiration is difficult, and the delivery emotional, ultimately the mood and message also speak of resilience and optimism for the future.