Music for Meditation | The Muse Frequency: Diary of an Artist in Love (Independent / Release: 2 June 2023)

Music for Meditation
The Muse Frequency: Diary of an Artist in Love
(Independent / Release: 2 June 2023)

"Diary of an Artist in Love was initially inspired by the published diaries of Anais Nin. There's an allure to reading personal thoughts on love and what it means to fall in love. And then there's the experience of having those thoughts read to you. I began Diary of an Artist in Love with the idea of quietly reading my thoughts on love and the nature of relationships to someone who was sitting very close to me, like a personal performance. Diary of an Artist in Love, by The Muse Frequency, is designed to create a meditative state through the intimate experience of being told a story on love for an audience of one."

Grab the headphones and a comfy place to relax as you listen to music designed for meditation and calm reflection. 

On Love

New York based The Muse Frequency is an artist and producer who's worked with many musicians to create spoken word tracks and meditation music. He's written lyrics for musical productions, and also directed theatre and short films, among others. 

It's music meant for one listener at a time, where a soft, intimate voice recites dreamy poetry, and electronic music fills in the background with atmospheric music. It's quite effective in its goals, with a soundscape that's probably impossible not to relax to.

The tracks are short, none longer than 2:38, and the ideas are both comforting and somewhat abstracted, speaking of love, relationships, emotions. Stay With Me breaks the mould somewhat musically, with more of a melodic approach. 

It's the perfect relaxation and meditative soundtrack to counter the stress of the day.

Personnel: Sébastien Nouat/Sound Designer; Producer Name(s): The Muse Frequency

Tracklist: Love is, I; We Start Here; Love is, II; Let's Try This; Love is, III; Stay WIth Me; Love is, IV; On Love; Love is, V; Wondering


Love is, V