Alt/Punk/Garage | Juniper Avenue: Chuck Rock (Independent / 4 April 2023)

Juniper Avenue: Chuck Rock
(Independent / 4 April 2023)

What is Chuck Rock, you might ask? It is, apparently, a fiery blend of alt rock, garage rock, and punk. Attitude is part of the package.

Jupiter Avenue - Chuck Rock

To the energy of punk, they add tight musicianship, and a range of moods underneath the driving rhythm section. Chuck Rock, the title track, is a gem with an irresistible rhythm and vocals that growl out the melody.

In contrast to many acts today, it's a full length release with 12 tracks. The North Carolina band is made up of Jeremy Adinolfi (Drums), Luke Baker (Guitar/Vox), Cody Everest (Bass), Graham Levy (Guitar/Vox), and they produce a nice big sound. 

The overall mood is irreverent, and the lyrics are edged with humour (there's a song titled Bumfuzzle...) Musically, they can tackle anything from high energy tracks like Bang! and Everybody-Everywhere, to the melodic guitar-driven interlude in Self and Pity Doubt, and the prog-rockish bits of Tyrant Song.

Miss Shine is a standout track, melodic underneath the crashing cymbals and metallic guitar tone, with the two guitar system producing a nicely layered sound. Acadia ventures into psychedelic territory - at 1:38, a kind of musical interlude.

They're calling this, their second release, "a coming-of-age for the next generation, documented within a week of exhaustion, adrenaline, and sentiment".