Blyth Festival Presents | The Donnellys: A Trilogy Continues until Spetmeber 3, 2023

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Blyth Festival Presents
The Donnellys: A Trilogy
Continues until September 3, 2023

Written by James Reaney, Adapted, Abridged and Directed by Gil Garratt

The tale of the Donnellys, often called the Black Donnellys, has no parallel in Canadian history. In February 1879, five members of the family were massacred by a vigilante mob after years of simmering tensions. The story is more complicated than many believe, and comes to life in a theatrical trilogy full of music and the drama of this true tale.

The Donnelly Trilogy - Blyth Festiva

No other story from Huron County’s history burns as boldly, and this season audiences can see all three plays chronicling the notorious family story in three consecutive nights.

It’s been twenty years since the fairgrounds in Blyth resounded with horse hooves, and were lit up with fateful fire in the night. And in 2023, the local legend continues in three landmark productions in an unparalleled setting.

  • Sticks and Stones (June 22 – Sept. 1)
  • The St Nicholas Hotel (July 13 – Sept. 2)
  • Handcuffs (Aug. 1 – Sept. 3)

The epic tale of the Donnelly clan is ignited by the killing of Patrick Farrell, and follows Johannah Donnelly on her march to Goderich to save her husband from the gallows.

As the Stagecoach wars rage, the action moves through Lucan landmarks from the Queen’s Hotel to the Vigilance Society in the Cedar Swamp Schoolhouse.

All events lead to a fiery February night when justice, revenge, and murder are left indistinguishable in the ashes.

Blyth Festival Artistic Director Gil Garratt, who directed and adapted The Donnellys: A Trilogy, discuss creating the production and what you'll experience during a performance under the stars of the Huron County skies.