Indie Rock | Petty Human Emotions: Petty Human Emotions (Self-Titled) (Independent / May 19 2023)

Indie Rock
Petty Human Emotions: Petty Human Emotions (Self-Titled)
(Independent / May 19, 2023)

Jangly guitars over a solid rhythm section, and angsty vocals that dwell on modern dysfunctionality - the appeal of Petty Human Emotions is well worn rock grooves with a feeling. Musically, the band ranges from the simple accompaniment of Something New to the more elaborate hard rock arrangement of Untitled.

Based in Los Angeles, the band is unapologetically melancholic, with lyrics about love and loss that expose vulnerabilities and emotions. It's a sound that is haunting and memorable in softer songs like Mae, It's Over and Something New.

Sorry is a standout track that adds keyboards and a syncopated groove that works well with the band's atmospheric sound. 

Watch their music video for "Sorry":


James Nardiello, guitarist and vocalist, founded the band - and he also plays the theramin. He had some thoughts on the album in a statement.

"This is a collection of songs that share a tone and a feeling more than anything else. The feeling at the forefront of this project is simple melancholy, longing and loneliness. 

I felt inspired to include instruments that aren't typical of the rock genre or to use them in ways that may be unconventional to experiment and execute this. The songs are all tied together musically and thematically in a more abstract way than I had previously written records."

Nardiello originally conceived of the project as a solo outing, and recorded it with Max Dickenson, who contributed the instrumentation he couldn't. But, he realized it would require a full band for live performance. Live, the band consists of drummer Bruce Elmer, lead guitarist Austin King, bassist Ayden Bongiovi and key player Ian Phillips. 

The Time It Takes has a classic alt rock vibe, blending a harsher take on vocals with melodic riffs on the keyboard.

It's interesting modern rock for discerning ears, with a fresh kind of sincerity that gives it replay value.

Personnel: James Nardiello - Guitar/Vocals/Theremin (Tracks 1 & 2)/Air Organ (Tracks 1 & 2)/Keys (Tracks 6, 9 & 11)/Drums (Track 10)/Xylophone (Track 9)/Toy Cat Keyboard (Track 9)/Trumpet (Track 1)/ Bass (Track 11) Max Dickenson - Lead Guitars/Drums/Bass/Keys/Mellotron/Cello/Violin/Theremin/Accordion

Tracklist: 1.) Something New; 2.) I Want; 3.) Madison Ave.; 4.) Mae; 5.) Sorry; 6.) Moonbird; 7.) The Time It Takes; 8.) Goodbye; 9.) Untitled; 10.) All That I Can Be; 11.) I'm Still Here


Watch the lyric video for "Untitled":