Instrumental Psychedelica | King Analog: King Analog (Independent / 26 March 2022)

Instrumental Psychedelica
King Analog: King Analog
(Independent / 26 March 2022)

Cool grooves with a hypnotic touch, and a retro sensibility, light up this instrumental release from King Analog. 

King Analog

Solo multi-instrumentalist musician and producer Joe Difonzo is King Analog, an obvious fan of prog rock and heavy metal of the classic era. That's not to say he reproduces the sound - he infuses it into a tight and sped up modern rock mélange. 

Without vocals/lyrics, it's the rhythmic and harmonic changes that keep you interested, and he's a master at cooking up layers of rock psychedelica with a true sense of invention.

Elixir is a highlight of the 7-track release, its haunting melody embellished with a driving rhythm section and what sounds like several guitars. It veers from hard rock to a jazzy fusion and back again.  

Rain takes the tempo down a few notches, with an acoustic and electric guitar and mournful strings, along with electronic sounds. It's an interesting sonic mix.

It's not the kind of instrumental music you'd relax to, necessarily, but it's probably the kind you could play at a party, along with its intrinsic listening value. 

At his home studio, Joe has a range of old/new analog pedals, tube amps, guitars and recording gear used to create the King Analog sound.