Inventive Rock | Skin On Flesh: Terrible and Sad (Independent / 28 April 2023)

Inventive Rock
Skin On Flesh: Terrible and Sad
(Independent / 28 April 2023)

The three short tracks on this miniature EP take up less than 8 and a half minutes, but the duo of Laura Jiménez Alvarez (vocals) and Michiel Sybers (bass, guitars) - aka  Skin on Flesh - needs only a few bars to leave an impression. 

Skin On Flesh (EP)

The lyrics deal with "intense frustrations" according to the liner notes, and the musical mood matches. 

Terrible and Sad, at just 1:10, is the shortest, and lays down its hard metal punk groove immediately. The Berlin-based ensemble ranges through several moods, from melodic to urgent, driving rock. Aquí Está Tu Pendeja is sung in Spanish, her voice alternating between a sweet high range to a throaty mid-range. 

Alvarez' expressive vocals light up the songs with a sense of inventive phrasing. Se Perdió Mi Corazón (This Is The Part That We Hate The Most) has the hardest rock feel overall.

"We recorded this EP in Coyoacán, Ciudad de Mexico while we were visiting, we prepared four songs for Terrible and Sad in total, three of them will be released by ourselves. The other one (El Tiempo) will be featured in the new expansion of the video game: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

This release is special to us since we had a rough couple of months back in 2021, and we had to let go of some frustrations. The next year we ended bad work relationships, lost most of our savings and Michi finished his MA writing his rock opera album (which was a rollercoaster on its own) before we left to Mexico for a month in September 2022, where we recorded Terrible And Sad."

Skin On Flesh's music can be heard in the short film Hope Circle (2023) (for "Terrible and Sad" and "Aquí Está Tu Pendeja") and a spot in video game Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (for "El Tiempo). They were previously featured in short films "Gallery" (2023) and "Roadback" (2021), along with being recognized locally with inclusion in the Listen to Berlin Compilation 2021/2022.