Rock Single | Adam Randy: Don't Play (Independent / 23 May 2023)

Rock Single
Adam Randy: Don't Play
(Independent / 23 May 2023)

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Randy was aiming for a different sound than his usual when he wrote Don't Play. 

Adam Randy

He talks about it in a statement.

"I wanted to write, record and release a song that really rocked and had a driving beat and electric guitars mixed with strings, a bit different than most of my other songs. I got the idea for the music from an obscure Neil Diamond Song called "Diamond Girls" which has a similar vibe and arrangement. The message of the song is Don't Play games with me, or you'll be sorry!"

The song combines a hard groove and metal-style vocals with synth strings and keyboards. It's an interesting multi-layered approach, and the result has polish, but not the kind of manic energy you need to create a menacing vibe.

On the release, Adam Randy sings and plays acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards. He is joined by Kenny Kingsborough on drums, bass and rhythm guitar, with Jon Wood contributing lead guitar. 

The Baltimore based musician is a fan of Elton John, The Moody Blues and Neil Diamond.