Imaginative Indie Folk Pop | Todd Kowaluk: Enough is Enough (Independent / 18 July 2023)

Imaginative Indie Folk Pop
Todd Kowaluk: Enough is Enough
(Independent / 18 July 2023)

Folk meets rock with an infectious groove in Todd Kowaluk's latest single, Enough is Enough.

Where am I going with this song? 

That's where it starts. The lyrics mine a philosophical vein. He talks about his style in a media release.

"For me, as a songwriter, the question Enough is Enough kept asking me was 'how does this song end'? That questioning made me want to evolve this song somehow, find a brighter ending, hope for new beginning, a higher version of myself. I wanted to be a better human somehow, & hopefully in the process a better songwriter.

When is enough enough? How does an artist know when something is finished? How does a heart know when it's healed? Are humans as a race missing the beauty that's all around them by putting limits on themselves and others."Enough Is Enough" starts with that fatalistic phrase and turns it into a question and a call for people to be honest with their hearts, with each other and with, well, infinity. If love will set us free why constantly test it with boundaries?"

Vancouver electronic music legend Dave King acts as producer.

"I met Dave King in the hallway of the studio I had been renting a couple nights a week over the last year or so. We hit it off pretty well and he like some of my original songs and kept saying he was willing to put a song of mine together as a producer sometime. I was like ya sure that sounds great. He suggested recording Enough is Enough which at the time wasn't a complete song and he gets credit and major kudos for lighting a fire under my ass to finish the song."

Despite all the changes in the music industry, he remains positive.

"Anything's possible"