Pop/Funk/Electronica | Wes McClintock: Open Dream (Independent /Release: 16 June 2023)

Wes McClintock: Open Dream
(Independent /Release: 16 June 2023)

Wes McClintock moved from pricey Toronto to St. John, New Brunswick to finish his album during the dog days of the COVID pandemic. 

Image for the album by Wes' wife, artist Lyra Howell

He talks about the move in a media release.

"This is the album I've always wanted to create. It evolved out of re-working some very old songs of mine and turned in to a 2-year odyssey that incorporates everything I love about music. The album was begun in a cramped rental home in Toronto in the midst of COVID, and finished in a beautiful house by a hill in the peaceful city of Saint John, New Brunswick. It's a very personal album and a pretty good reflection of who I am, both artistically and personally."

The album of imaginative pop took two years to make, delving into the electronic production he's been working on. Musically, he blends elements of electronica, rock, pop and funk.

The release opens with Sky, an atmospheric ambient track at just 1:35 long that sets up the mood. It's followed by Imaginary Songs, a track that blends bouncy infectious pop rhythms with reflective lyrics and interesting changes. He's got a fine sense of songwriting, infusing each with hooks and imaginative instrumentation. I'm hearing the influence of 90s indie pop in the melodic emphasis enhanced by electronics.

His unique formula of music-making results in a fresh sound and he offers something new with each track. He adds layers of synth to Falling, his vocals expanded with effects that hearken back to his fave era. Waiting In Line marries folk vocals and acoustic with electronic enhancement and synthesizers. Other songs, like Breaking Into Nothing, rock out the rhythm, while Last Time has a dreamy, and more radio-friendly pop vibe.

McClintock has a track record of playing with several indie bands, including  the Juno-nominated Wildness of Manitoba, before going solo. As a composer, he's also written for film.

Personnel: Wes McClintock - Guitar (Acoustic/Electric), Bass, Keys, Banjo, Drum Programming, Vocals


1. Sky; 2. Imaginary Songs; 3. Falling; 4. Waiting In Line; 5. Breaking Into Nothing; 6. Last Time; 7. Open Dream; 8. See It; 9. Promises; 10. Home; 11. A Different Kind of Sane; 12. Sand