Post Punk Resilience | Dale Sheppard: She's Sowing Time (Independent 1 June 2023)

Post Punk Resilience
Dale Sheppard: She's Sowing Time
(1 June 2023)

There's a sense of urgency and angst in the She's Sowing Time, the new single by Dale Sheppard. It's a straight ahead rock song in the post-punk mode that blends the urgency of punk with poetic lyrics and some nicely refined instrumentation.

The song comes about as a collaboration with Dale's wife Kim, who contributed the lyrics about steely resilience. It was inspired by Kim's experiences with cancer. It's a winning combination, where the raw guitar and driving rhythm section add energy to the meditative and existential themes. 

He talks about the song in a media release.

"She's Sowing Time" is a song I composed from the poem my wife, Kim Sheppard, wrote during her journey with cancer. In the intro to this video, she writes... "It is the collision of terror and hope that are the force behind "She's sowing time".  It is the terror that drives, but the hope that saves. That, and the love and strength of my husband who took my words and so brilliantly composed the music to create this song." 

The native of Victoria, BC has had a lifelong passion for music that first came in evidence during his childhoos in the 1970s. He began to volunteer for a record company in 1992, and again with Men Without Hats in 2012. He was eventually driven to make his own music, and built a home studio for that purpose. Kim Sheppard writes the lyrics for most of his songs.

Personnel: Dale Sheppard – Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Lead Vocals; James Love - Lead Guitar & Additional Rhythm; Russ Ovans - Additional Keyboards; Nicola D'Adamo - Drums; Dale & Kim Sheppard – Background Vocals Chorus