Psybient/Psychill | Marc-E: Before the Thought (Independent / 4 August 2023)

Marc-E: Before the Thought
(Independent / 4 August 2023)

Psychedelic, downtempo - the latest single by Vancouver electronic musician Marc-E incorporates a number of genre influences, including Psybient and Psychill, but that doesn't define its originality or appeal.

Using melodic elements along with beats and electronic noise, the effect is mesmerizing. It's contemplative, spacey rather than dancey, and in terms of mood, ranges from upbeat to dark and sinister and back again.

He talks about the track in a media release.

"I wanted to create something with a much heavier sub bass than my last few releases. Something that is sure to shake the subs. I believe I was successful. My music has always been a blend between psychedelia and spirituality. This track leans more to the psychedelic side."

Marc-E has contributed to several albums as a musician and producer along with his work as a solo artist.  He is currently finishing a new full-length album slated for release in 2024.