Neoclassical Piano | Frank Clare: Admiratio Magna (Independent / January 4, 2023)

Neoclassical Piano
Frank Clare: Admiratio Magna
(Independent / January 4, 2023) 

Neoclassical musician and composer Frank Clare delivers his debut album Admiratio Magna. It's inspired by Clare's appreciation for 19th century classical music, as well as his love of philosophy, science, and mindfulness, as he explains in a statement.

"I started piano at a late age, 15, and was never good at playing other people's music. But I loved music and wanted to play, so I started composing."

The music of the 19th century spans classicism and romanticism, and Clare's style adds the sensibility of a minimalist - only as many notes as are required for the effect. 

"Admiratio Magna is Latin for The Big Surprise. What blows me away is that anything exists at all. Matter. You, me. Washing machines.The Grand Canyon, the Milky Way. Chocolate croissants. Anything. Everything. The Big Surprise. From nothing to everything and back again. Admiratio Magna.".

It's an interesting premise, and results in a very contemporary expression. Patterns and snippets of melody and pure tone weave together with an eclectic sensibility. Clare leads the listener into his compositions with a skilful sense of structure - so skilful that it seems nonchalant. 

"I use notes to make music.  I also use notes to make space to dream in. 

"Part One, Vox Intus Omnia is Latin for The Voice Behind Everything. It's inner, still, heartbeat and breath. The space between heartbeat and breath.  The verge.  

"Part Two, La Grande Sorpresa is inspired by Italian opera: melodramatic, rhapsodic and grand. It's ignition, excitement, catastrophe, and what's left after there's nothing left.  

"Part Three, Apotheosis, starts with L'Extase, influenced by French music, creativity, frivolity, individuality, the battle between fun and responsibility, re-creation and the pure joy of being alive.  Die Apotheose is culmination, transformation, transfiguration.  Inspired by German classical music, it's foreboding, dramatic, apocalyptic, apotheotic.  Goodbye Hello brings us back to just after the end and just before the beginning."

The seven tracks should please fans of relaxing and meditative piano music and contemporary neoclassical in general.