Tibet's Yungchen Lhamo In Brooklyn February 24, 2024

Tibet's Yungchen Lhamo
In Brooklyn February 24, 2024

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The ancient music of Tibet speaks to the modern ear in the music of Yungchen Lhamo. She'll be performing in Brooklyn on February 24.

Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen is an agile and expressive vocalist, and the songs retain their distinctive melodic and rhythmic character while adding a contemporary groove. 

Yungchen Lhamo

Born and raised in Lhasa, Tibet, Yungchen's name, given to her at birth by a lama, means "Goddess of melody". 

She left her native country to pursue music by making the 1,200 mile journey across the Himalaya mountain range to Dharamsala, India on foot. Yungchen later settled in Australia, where her meditation prayers inspired her first album, appropriately titled Tibetan Prayer. The release won the Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) for Best World Music Album in 1995.

She signed with Peter Gabriel's Real World Records to release three more albums through 2006. Her fifth release, Tayatha, came out in 2013, featuring a collaboration with Russian classical pianist Anton Batagov.

Now setted in New York state, she released her sixth album, Awakening, on Six Degree Records, in 2022. 

One Drop of Kindness, her seventh album, was released in 2023 on the Real World Records label, with guest artists and musicians Osher Levi, Norik Manukyan, Bob Bottjer, Ari Langer, Dr Eric, Jordan Anderson, and Christopher Krotke.

Yungchen has performed, acapella or accompanied, in venues as Carnegie Hall, New York, Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall, London, The Louvre, Paris, Philharmonic Hall, Berlin, and the Sydney Opera House, among others. She performed at the 1997 Lilith Fair festival, many WOMAD festivals, rock and benefit concerts. She has also contributed soundtracks to many films. 

Check out the second single from One Drop of Kindness here: